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Surf School In canggu

Surf School In Canggu

Best Surf School In Canggu - Surf lessons canggu we provide all level surf lesson from beginner - Intermediate & Kids Surf Lessons

If You looking For surf surf school in canggu for surfing ? you are in the right place, as our surf school located right in batu bolong beach where the famous surf spot in canggu

How Far Our Surf School Located in Main heart Of Canggu?

If You stay in around canggu no matter where .. berawa or kayu tulang or kuta utara in general. our surf school is easy to find us. we located in the main beach of canggu, and here our location Down below

Dian Surf School Canggu Bali


JL Pantai Batu Bolong Canggu Kecamatan Kuta Utrara Kabupaten Badung


What we offer In our surf school in canggu?

We offer Surf Lesson For all level. if you absolute beginner or beginner who been surf before and want to fix the skill we will fix it. or intermediate who want to learn more about their skill we provided.

Surf schools in Canggu cater to everyone, from absolute beginners to seasoned veterans, providing expert instruction and a supportive environment for surfers to hone their skills and deepen their love for the sport. Whether you’re a curious novice or a seasoned wave rider, there’s a surf school in Canggu ready to help you catch your next wave.


For beginners, Canggu’s surf schools offer a gentle introduction to the art of surfing. With patient and experienced instructors guiding every step of the way, novices learn the basics of paddling, popping up, and riding waves in a safe and controlled environment. Canggu’s beginner-friendly breaks provide the perfect playground for aspiring surfers to build confidence and progress at their own pace.


Intermediate surfers looking to take their skills to the next level will find plenty of opportunities for growth at Canggu’s surf schools. With access to a variety of breaks catering to different skill levels, intermediate surfers can refine their technique, learn new maneuvers, and gain valuable insights from experienced instructors. Whether it’s mastering the art of turning or learning how to read the waves, Canggu’s surf schools offer the perfect platform for progression.


Advanced surfers seeking a challenge won’t be disappointed by what Canggu’s surf schools have to offer. With access to some of Bali’s most renowned breaks, including Echo Beach and Batu Bolong, advanced surfers can test their skills on powerful waves and experience the adrenaline rush of riding barrels. Expert instructors provide personalized coaching and guidance, helping advanced surfers push their limits and unlock their full potential in the water.

Why Choose Us

We believe We have good Quality service and equipment as we been serve customer since 15 years. and we hope we can give our berst service to you.

Surf Lessons Canggu

Is canggu Good For Surf Lessons ?

it Is the best place to do surf lessons canggu for all level. because batu bolong has consistent waves, this why batu bolong are so famous and so many visitor everyday.

Surf Lesson In Canggu

Surf lessons in Canggu offer more than just a chance to learn how to ride waves – they provide an immersive experience that combines skill-building with a deep connection to the ocean. From the moment you step onto the sandy shores of Canggu Beach, you're greeted with the promise of adventure and the opportunity to conquer the waves under the guidance of expert instructors.

Surf In Canggu

Exciting to try to surf in canggu? dont forget to visit us, our surf school always open to you guys, you can easily come and grab board and surfing in front of our surf school. 

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