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Our Service At Dian Surf School Are surf lessons In Canggu Bali for all level from beginner, intermediate & kids surf lessons, even you absolute beginner or intermediate who want to improve their skill.

Beginner Surf Lesson Canggu

400k idr


the surf lesson are private, one student one instructor. The lesson is 2 hours maximum and all equipment are fully included board + lycra / rash guard + mineral water + zinc face protection + and one private instructor each person.


400k idr


In intermediate you will learn much more skill: timing, how to catch wave in green waves, body positions, and much more!! The lessons are private for 2 hours and all equipment are fully included board + lycra / rash guard + mineral water + zinc face protection + and one private instructor each person.

Kids Surf lesson

400k idr

Kids Surf lesson

wanna a challenges the kids ? No worries, we provide kids surf lesson minimum age 5 years old. It’s not only about practising body balance, but also managing their fears so they more confident! Private for 2hours, all equipment are included board + lycra / rash guard + mineral water + zinc face protection + and one private instructor each person.

Looking for the ultimate spot to catch your first wave or sharpen up your surfing skills? Well, Dian Surf School in Canggu offer best surf lesson canggu, Bali might just be the perfect fit. Known for its beautiful beaches and excellent conditions, Canggu become a mecca for surfers worldwide. And Dian Surf School is like the cherry on top – offering an exceptional experience for anyone looking to plunge into the exciting world of surfing.

Canggu has this laid-back vibe that’s truly irresistible. With its picturesque landscapes and buzzing surf culture, it’s no wonder why it’s a favorite beach enthusiasts. The beaches here like Batu Bolong and Echo Beach are like surfer’s paradise – with waves that cater to both newbies and pros alike. So no matter your skill level, there’s always a wave with your name on it.

Wondering why you should choose Dian Surf School over other options out there? Well, let me break it down for you:

First off, their instructors are top-notch – not only fantastic surfers themselves but also amazing teachers who are eager to help you progress at your own pace. Their knowledge of local wave conditions guarantees you’ll be learning in prime surfing territory.

Then there’s the variety of lessons they offer – whether you’re just getting started or looking to step up your game, Dian Surf School has got you covered. They focus on building strong foundations for beginners while diving into more advanced techniques for those seeking an extra challenge.

And let’s not forget about the gear – all provided by the school so you can hit the waves worry-free. From surfboards to rash guards, everything is well-maintained and geared towards keeping you safe while having a blast.

But what really sets them apart is their small class sizes – ensuring you get tailored attention from instructors who genuinely care about your progress on surf lesson canggu. Plus, stepping into their friendly atmosphere feels like joining a big ole surfing family where everyone’s rooting for each other.

Picture this: A typical lesson kicking off with some safety tips before diving into basic surfing principles right there on the beach itself. And once you’re ready to test waters (literally), your instructor will be right beside you every step of the way – cheering when things click and guiding when they don’t.

After conquering those waves and feeling that rush of success wash over you – take some time to soak in Canggu beyond just surfing. Explore its vibrant streets filled with cozy cafes, quirky shops, and peaceful yoga studios or grab a bite at one of those cool beachfront joints as dusk settles over miles of ocean.

See, enrolling at Dian Surf School isn’t just about learning how to ride waves; it’s about becoming part of a tight-knit group who share that same deep love for all things sea-related. The friends made here will stick around long after those epic wipeouts become legendary tales.

So if catching waves is on your bucket list, consider starting that journey at Dian Surf School in Canggu – where expertise meets enthusiasm in fabulous fashion!

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