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Top Surf Spot In Canggu

Best Top Surf Spot In Canggu - If You looking To Surf Depeding On Your Skill And Level

a lot of traveler might thinking where should i surf in canggu ? 

Well in depending on your level. 

Examining the Waves: Revealing Canggu's Top Surf Locations

Tucked away on Bali’s scenic southwest coast is Canggu, a rising surf destination for those looking for the best wave riding possible. With its relaxed atmosphere, beautiful beaches, and waves that appeal to both beginners and experienced surfers, Canggu has made a name for itself as one of the top surfing destinations in the world. In case you’re preparing for a surfing pilgrimage to Canggu, take a close look at the best surf places that you just must not miss.

1. Echo beach

echo Beach

Nestled along the coast of Bali, Echo Beach stands as a beacon for seasoned surfers seeking the ultimate thrill. While its name may evoke images of tranquility, this surf break is anything but serene, earning its reputation as a fierce battleground reserved for the elite in the surfing world. With its powerful waves and challenging conditions, Echo Beach is an arena exclusively designed for the pros, leaving novice surfers to spectate from the safety of the shore.

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2. Batu Bolong Beach

Batu Bolong beach

Batu Bolong Beach is another must-visit destination for surfers in Canggu. With its sandy shores and impressive reef breaks, Batu Bolong provides excellent conditions for surfers of all skill levels. Beginners can take advantage of the gentle waves closer to shore, while more experienced surfers can venture further out to challenge themselves on larger swells.

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3. Berawa Beach


Berawa Beach offers a more laid-back surfing experience compared to its neighboring spots. The waves here are suitable for all levels, making it an ideal spot for families and beginners. If you’re looking to escape the crowds and enjoy a peaceful surf session, Berawa Beach is the place to be.

4. Old Man's

Old mans

Old Man’s is not just a surf spot; it’s a Canggu institution. This vibrant beachfront bar overlooks Batu Bolong Beach and offers some of the best waves in the area. The break at Old Man’s is perfect for longboarders, with its mellow, rolling waves that are perfect for cruising. After a day on the water, you can relax with a cold drink and soak in the stunning sunset views.

5. Pererenan Beach


For those seeking a more secluded surfing experience, Pererenan Beach is the perfect choice. This picturesque stretch of coastline offers a variety of breaks, including reef and beach breaks, catering to surfers of all levels. With fewer crowds than other popular spots, Pererenan Beach provides a tranquil setting to enjoy the beauty of Bali’s surf culture.

Tips for Surfing in Canggu

Respect the locals

Canggu’s surf spots are beloved by locals and visitors alike, so be sure to show respect for the local surf community and adhere to surfing etiquette.


Stay safe

While Canggu offers some incredible waves, it’s essential to prioritize safety. Always check the conditions before heading out, wear appropriate protective gear, and know your limits in the water.


Embrace the culture:

Beyond the waves, Canggu boasts a vibrant surf culture that’s worth exploring. Take the time to immerse yourself in the local scene, whether it’s enjoying a post-surf meal at a beachfront cafe or browsing the surf shops that line the streets.
In conclusion, Canggu’s top surf spots offer an unparalleled surfing experience against the backdrop of Bali’s stunning coastline. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or a novice looking to catch your first wave, Canggu has something to offer everyone. So grab your board, wax up, and get ready to ride the waves in paradise.

So Wich Spot Do I think The best?

This Honest Review For Any of you Read My blog , I think Batu Bolong Is The most perfect spot for surfing for beginner / Intermediate & kids surf lesson. not for pro surfer! but if you pro surfer than you shoould go to Echo Beach for sure to get barrel hehe.

Where I Can Get Surf Lesson In Canggu

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